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Ingo Swann in the DMV

Thursday, Jul 12, 2018| hop map[]

This is showing you the first of a series, of recipes for AV stuff. All you need is pad and paper.

First, I want you to choose a person. Anyone, alive or dead. Write down their name. Then I want you to choose two books, directly or indirectly related to this person. Write down how they’re related, no matter how remote the connection. Then, select a soundfloor track. You can use the Ambient library here at , or here’s a list of other awesome libraries to get some nice royalty free audio:

  • PBD -AMB Pale Blue Sound Library - Ambient
  • Free Stock Music
  • Citizen DJ Labs

  • [x] Choose two books

  • [x] Choose 1 person

  • [x] Choose 1 amb track from the library

  • [ ] Choose 1 FBR track from the library

  • [ ] Write your monologue in the blog as a post

  • [ ] include a poem ^^

  • [ ] include amazon links for books

  • [ ] include a nice gify for title image

  • [ ] include a link to watch or listen

  • [ ] record

  • [ ] edit / release scheduled

  • [ ] HOP schema: name of person, date, and hope… god // listen –>

because I’m straight up / blunt / offensive. The world is offensive. language is obtuse and just speaking is offensive- especially when communicating difficult concepts.
I’m also not trying to be offensive, its your ego stopping you, getting stuck on being offended stopping you from taking in the truth behind the perceived insult and moving forward and rebuilding and then ending up with more respect for the person calling you out, instead of less because true love is calling out BS and we were each other’s therapists for so long, it’s blasé to turn on me, and oversimplify it into feeling hurt/offended consistently

how many times have you acosted me for wearing something, saying something, wanting something, just being myself? I don’t hold onto your insults and instead try and improve the behavior and now I have better habits because of it


Questions Answers State
Person ______ X
my 2 books are *______ & ______ * X
my 1 AMB Track *______ & ______ * X
my 1 FBR Track *______ * X




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