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How do you relax?

Thursday, May 9, 2019| Podcast map[]

Didn’t we all know inherently how to relax as children? Everyone’s upbringing is different. But I have intense memories of the world’s I made under a blanket.

This was the pinnacle of relaxation. Being underneath would start as an adrenaline rush often, and then my childish body would become the most relaxed in the world. Out like a light. Now what happened to relaxing under blankets? Where did it all go? How do YOU relax? Life has gotten so noisy, what was once assumed and implicit now requires skill.

― Carl Gustav Jung

Takes a lot of compromises to sail the 7 seas with everyone on a hunk of junk.

The number one factor to health is stress. When did learning to relax need to become a skill?

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” shows us how serious the problem is.

The next time you consume some media, ask yourself - does this cause more stress or lower it in me? I know it’s more nuanced than that- I like spooky stuff to relax. But the bottom line is, watch out and if nothing else, please learn how to relax.

Ep2 How do you relax?

Humans (In Order of Appearance)

Michael Betts

Rainier Wong

Nick Kush,

Sean Keilan, the Provost of Porter College and Professor of Literature.

( random person private property )

Tamar Weir

Ashley Keith

Katie Shubat

Brian Eurice

Adrienne Lundry

Celia Wrath

Jack Rogers

Ethan Durram,

Erin Devit

Mackenzie Vasquez

Gene Betts


Matt Brown



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Poetry If feeling is first - E.E. Cummings

I’d Pick More Daisies by Brother Jeremiah read by a tree fairy

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